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Make Linux Your New Home

There once was a kid from the ‘burbs, who WebDev profoundly disturbs. Just for the kicks he took up Linux, and shares it with love it deserves.

The Spirit of Unix Possessed Me

I was born in the same year as UNIX, 1970, less than 50 miles away from Bell Research in Murray Hill, New Jersey where it happened. The widely used Unix epoch time called UTC starts 00:00:00 on 1 January 1970, so whenever I need to know approximately how old I am in seconds, I just check what time it is.

Linux Is Not Unix. It’s Better.

But this page is about Linux, not Unix. No, they are not the same thing. Unix was born the intellectual property of Ma Bell, although it was created by a maverick within the company who let it free on visits to his alma mater, Berkeley. That didn’t make it legally unencumbered, so someone else copied it under a much more permissive license that encouraged community and sharing. That’s why Linux is where all the juicy action is today.

Unix Was Worth Copying

The point is that Unix was worth copying. It had all the right computer science things going on to make it an operating system worth using and worth copying. When you’re learning Linux, you’re mostly learning Unix, but for the super-awesome software repositories that are all on the Linux-side. Oh, and systemd. Use Linux because systemd makes scheduling automations simple enough for humans. And know the coolness started with Unix and the baton was taken and carried profoundly well by Linux.