Future-proof your tech-skills against AI with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and accessible tools in technology — and on staying valuable while the machines rise.

Linux won. Even Microsoft knows.

We live in a Linux Golden Age where a full good install is a “wsl –install” away. Or DrinkMe or try Levinux.

The Generic Plumbing of Tech

Linux won. Even Microsoft knows this and now includes Linux for free with Windows. I do not mean Linux desktops like GNOME or KDE, because graphical desktops don’t matter. I’m talking about the command-line interface called the Terminal or Shell where the skills you develop last a lifetime. Teach a person proprietary software and you fed them for a product-cycle. Teach a person *nix and you’ve fed them for life.

A New Normal Awaits

It may be hard for you to see or even believe it today, but over time your main interface to computers can transition from your vendor-dependent touchscreens and voice recognition to sitting at a terminal tapping away on keys like hackers in movies, independent of mice and easily going into the zone. It’s a new normal, and it’s achievable if you start today with a Linux command-line.

Attention All Windows Users:” Get Your Arse On Linux!”,

First, update your system. There’s no need to upgrade to Windows 11 if you’re on Windows 10 and want to stay there. In either case, if you’ve never had WSL on your system, you should be able to just open a Command Prompt or PowerShell and type:

wsl --update
wsl --install

Install Linux on Windows

If you have had WSL on your system before, you might have problems.

WSL2 requires an update to its kernel component

Follow these instructions to get the new version of WSL2 working on your Windows 10 machine if you had early WSL beta’s installed.

Chase The Rabbit By Way of Levinux To WSL

For over 10 years Levinux, my distro of Linux, has been helping people dispel their fear of Linux by providing a no-install experience on their Macs and PCs, encouraging you log in with SSH, edit a file with vim. Levinux was originally designed to host Pipulate, my free and open source SEO software, but times have changed and Microsoft themselves provide a better Linux experience on Windows with WSL.

Why Do I Still Offer Levinux?

So while Levinux still has merit, it’s just the run up to the Rabbit Hole. It’s fun to get past the challenges of an SSH login and editing your first file in genuine old-school vi (not even vim!), being able to use the notorious command:

sudo rm -rf /

…and reset Levinux and go again. I basically gamified learning to old school Unix terminal. There’s so much good stuff in Levinux, with BusyBox, TFTP Net booting, a little webserver, a virtual LAN, a tutorial to edit an .index.html file it’s hosting on localhost:8888, working on Macs, Windows and other Linux desktops, Python 3… wow, I forgot how awesome Levinux is.

Levinux Is The White Rabbit

Okay, so sure if you really still want the Levinux experience, go ahead and download it. Let it do its thing. But once you’re through the rabbit hole, you will not be falling down, down, down until you Drink Me. After that, you’ll have both Linux and Pipulate installed on your Windows Desktop, and you reach JupyterLab through localhost:8888.

The Rabbit Hole Runs Through Jupyter

Pipulate uses JupyterLab to ease your transition to Linux Terminal. Later on, I’ll get you keeping a daily journal in vim. But for now, just get some Python code running through the browser back-ended by real Linux. This greases the wheels for many wonderful things to come that would not be so easy on Windows or even Mac desktops.

If you’ve ever been challenged getting past using proprietary commercial software, then this is what’s missing. Genuine Linux Python running in genuine Linux. Things change subtly to your advantage. You have standard paths. Standard pip installs work. You’re a huge step closer, one nbdev_export really, away from a 24x7 running Linux daemon.

Welcome to the Linux Wonderland. Drink Me.