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Do You Still Really Need Windows? Switching To Linux in 2022

As tech becomes more and more essential to our daily lives, I'm discussing the importance of understanding generic tech, and why Windows is becoming obsolete. I'm exploring why Linux is the way to go, and why using containers under Linux is the best way to future-proof your work. I'm also discussing why Docker should be used from Windows and why it's important. Join me as I explain why it's essential to keep up with tech trends.

Switching to Linux in 2022: Why Windows is Becoming Obsolete and Why Containers Under Linux are the Best Way to Future-Proof Your Work

By Michael Levin

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Livecast from last night moved to this morning because my kid showed interest in doing stuff together, yay! Back to the livestreaming… what a great point I left off at. Stay humble getting livestreaming going again. Start simply with .screenrc and see where that goes.

Today we talk about “places to run code” and all the stupid labels of what our setup (on our laptop) really is.

When you install WSL you get the unified Windows Terminal installed I believe automatically when you wsl –install. This functionally eliminates the need for 3rd party terminals. The “Unix-like Terminal” is now just a standard part of Windows. This is a huge new reality. This shows us probably:

What I am not (who I am not targeting):

What I am (who I am targeting):


Yes. Since Unix-like OSes won, tech like this is general literacy. Just like knowing English is knowing read/write, knowing *nix is knowing generic pluming of tech for much broader reasons (better life) than being a classic developer, sysamins or devops.


Who shouldn’t know “generic” tech. There is generic tech now that the proprietary stuff is on its way out.

You’re going to hear a lot about Docker. Hype.

Why not “just use docker” for this? And why not Docker from Windows for even more simplicity?