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E-E-A-T The New Google Quality Guidelines

I'm focusing on exuding Google's Quality Guidelines, E-E-A-T, by creating unique and genuine content that demonstrates my experience. I'm also keeping dependencies low and updating the Levinux index.html file, as well as making sure the DrinkMe script is accessible. Join me as I take you through my journey to follow Google's Quality Guidelines.

Exploring Google's Quality Guidelines: E-E-A-T for Unique and Genuine Content

By Michael Levin

Friday, December 16, 2022

category: seo

Google released a new quality guidelines and added a new E in their E-A-T advice. Expertise, Experience, Authority and Trust. Expertise, Experience and Authority go into Trust. It’s a Venn diagram with Trust in the middle.

Content that wasn’t hard to produce and doesn’t live up to bombastic headlines is considered low. How does content demonstrate Experience? Hmmm. They call it a “dimension”. Basically it’s another question for Google’s search result quality assurance rankers to score. Keep this in mind moving forward.

I also see the favicon-decorated infinite scroll results occurring more and more, especially on mobile but now also on desktop. My automatic email capturing a site: search is switching between reporting around 400 and 70 pages on my site. I have to get out ahead of this. The favicon should be at least 32x32. Start with that… done.

Okay, so how to start demonstrating my E-E-A? Don’t leave pages hanging looking incomplete.

The following is advice for myself, not everyone. I’m forging a path to see if it works for me and works at all in the search-scape. And so…

Write continuously. Don’t hold back based on “best foot forward”. Just clearly put all that content into a /blog/ folder. Ensure that your content is unique and genuine by writing it yourself (mostly) free of AI-influence.

Exude E-E-A-T

SEO is dead. Long live SEO! Content is king, but don’t write too much or else your site will sunk under its own weight.

But how? First, know that the human Google web search quality assurance rating team is your primary target audience.

I have so much to offer that is so unlikely to come from anyone else, stuff that could really have a meaningful positive impact on peoples’ lives. Focus on that stuff. Have a way to keep doing stream of consciousness that few will ever read or appreciate, the abstract stuff that doesn’t really have a meaningful statistical impact. There are a few that will appreciate it, but very few, and those are people who could probably have come up with the concepts on their own.

My focus should be on the process of capturing everything, letting it be exposed in a low-expectation of results fusion, and then letting the good stuff float up to the top over time. It’s a mining and refining process. It’s a vision and revision process. It all takes place here. The long-tailish blog continues to exist. However, I only tweak to the surface that which matters.

Keep your dependencies low. Even when you have dependencies, like hosting on github.io with Github Pages and Jekyll static site generator transformation, know what’s going on and be able to move it to other hosting situations on-demand. Lower your dependency ratio. Or would that be dependency quotient? Either way, there must be an objective way to quantify dependencies and describe how dependent on proprietary vendor-wares your stuff is. I’ll make a big deal of maintaining a low proprietary vendor-dependency quotient. Each idea like that could be it’s own article, LOL! A Paul Graham style essay.

The most important thing as this moment is… well, to be ready for the Hanukkah party tomorrow and the first night on Sunday, but besides that is that I need the old Levinux project to lead more clearly to the DrinkMe script.

Update the Levinux index.html, do a test download and make sure the drinkme link works. Don’t go all out updating that file although it could use it. Instead just focus on blasting out the pipes. Lather, rise, repeat and mix a few more metaphors.

Okay, Levinux is updated. All roads lead to DrinkMe.