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If I Were Green I Would Die. Abba Di Abba Di.

I am a YouTuber determined to succeed without compromising my standards. I discuss the difficulty of editing videos on YouTube, how APIs can be misleading, and the power of programming languages like Python and vi. I also explore the duality of red and green energy, the strength of diversity, and the power of creativity and natural hunting skills. Finally, I share my experience of shooting my best livecast ever and how it reminded me of the resilience I have developed over the years.

Determined to Succeed: A YouTuber’s Journey of Resilience and Creativity

By Michael Levin

Sunday, May 29, 2022

My kid would like to be a professional YouTuber or TikToker and I tell them:

Those who can do and those who can’t, stream.

—Mike Levin, 2022

But what I do for work, plus my life experiences and everything about who I am makes me able to just walk in and take over the YouTubes if I wanted to. Big talk from a little man. Prove it… okay, okay. It’s part of that growing a backbone we discussed.

Here we go…

I don’t want to blow up, but baby, if I did—
I’d set a good example for kid!

—Mike Levin, 2022

An em-dash By Any Other Encoding Is Still The Same

How the heck do I type those long minus&#nbsp;sign things? It’s called an em-dash and is my favorite glyph and probably the most long, linear character in all typesetting. Is that standard? Yes! They’re so standard, they’re in the lower set of charcaters within the 255 ASCII ISO-Latin1 character set of old fashioned computers before the days of Unicode. em-dashes are very common and part of traditional typesetting and book publishing. And you used to be able to type them too with Alt+0151 (numbers must be typed on keypad), until the world moved from desktops to laptops and the number-pads on our keyboards disappeared. HTML entity encoding to the rescue! You can put them in markdown using ampersand hash 151 semicolon. POOF

Show the folks searching in Google on an encoded entity. Done. That went well.

Okay, so back from distraction.

My Best Livestream To Date—Emotional Colors

Channeling Your Inner Hulk Channeling Your Inner Bruce Banner

Go show the folks bringing back yesterday’s livecast recording, and your discoveries about editing already-on-YouTube videos and the weirdness’s. Nuance and subtlety is everything. Capabilities and power always come from digging deeper. And that doesn’t take real intelligence so much as it takes persistence… the Hulk with only a touch of Bruce Banner… Roomba!

Eff Common Wisdom. Blow Up Dirty.

I’m navigating my way to a blow-up on YouTube without compromise. I’m going to try something new. Common wisdom would say break out a new channel and focus on smaller, well edited videos on just the topics people like and want to hear about. Eff-that. I’m going to stick with my old rough-edges channel where I had to drop the “e” in mikelevin for my channel and I mix personal and professional stuff going back to 2006.

I’ve even been told that the “mik” in miklevin could even be interpreted as a racial slur against the Irish. To that I say, please associate me with the Irish. Now I’m not Irish and I can’t use it the playful way those striving to take power away from a word do, but it’s not broken out of as a standalone word, it doesn’t have the “k” in it, it has a good, solid reason for being that way (other MikeLevin’s register that first), and the movie Superbad has a McLovin. And so the assertion that there’s anything derogatory about miklevin is the babbling of the oversensitive. I’d refer you to Family Guy clips, but I’ve also got this:

I am a YouTuber. I YouTube a lot. I have 2 million-view videos and over thirty videos with over 10,000 views. I have a friend who moved to Alaska who started YouTubing (different person than the overly miklevin-sensitive mentioned above) and when I showed him one of my videos, he’s like “Oh, you’re a YouTuber now?” I answered with a laugh, “Yes, but only since 2006.” He laughed too. Dave Mays is a really good guy. I learned about database Primary Keys and ERD diagrams from him. It’s the same channel that goes back to 2006 that I’m promoting here.

Editing Videos on YouTube After Streaming or Upload

I talk a bit about editing videos on YouTube after streaming or after upload. It’s tricky. You have to wait for the timeline thumbnails to appear before the “Save As” button becomes a “Save” button so you can replace the origin video in-location preserving views and comments.

I am thankful for this feature, however I do see the very significant problem that the main reason to want to edit a video after streaming is that you don’t want whatever it was seen until the edit was made. For that, you have to turn the video private and wait what seems 24 hours. So if people want to re-watch right away they can’t until after at least 24-hours, assuming I make the edit and turn it back to public promptly when the feature becomes available.

Things are rough with YouTube. Things are rough with me. Touché!

YouTube Real Time Streaming Analytics Lie. APIs Lie In General.

I point out how the YouTube streaming real-time analytics never really shows you how many people are online accurately. This is no big deal for big streamers for whom plus or minus one person is no big deal. But for me, plus or minus one person is the difference between anyone being there or not… for now.

Point being, APIs (application program interfaces) will lie to you. APIs do lie to you. Expect APIs to lie to you. Even if the documentation says one thing, if it’s important whether that thing is true or not, test it.

Quite Contrary

I’m going to rub everyone’s nose in the fact that I’m doing the contrarian thing, and I’m going to make it work because of that. If there’s a hunger for genuine people out there struggling with self-betterment, I’m going to feed it. Let THEM be my people and not those awful bombastic bribing beasts.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
What makes your audience grow?
Don’t sell out to punks who pout
You digress—and you’re slow.

—Mike Levin, 2022

vi IS NOT The Editor of The Beast

I speak of text editors and not of bribing the audience with prizes. I am not the beast. There are no prizes here, as you internalize skills for a lifetime that will help you think, help you express yourself, help you gain confidence, help you find grounding, help you code, help you work and improve your life.

No, there are no prizes here. I am not the beast.

I represent Joy. There will be no bill for joy. It is free.

Bill Joy says “People don’t know that vi was written for a world that doesn’t exist anymore”. (Bill Joy wrote vi).

But it does, Bill. It does. Were cars made too easy to drive? Are keyboards too easy to type on? There is no such thing as a text editor that is too efficient, even though we have much greater bandwidth today. Thank you Bill Joy for still being engaged in today’s world as are your counterparts Ken and Rob, but I respectfully disagree.

vi is a gift from the tree of knowledge.

And I am not the beast.

I advocate partaking of the gifts of knowledge you have given us. Don’t talk smack about vi. I would like to use it to blow up on YouTube without following the beast’s path. I’ll say it again, and I’ll say it once more:

vi, vi, vi

Don’t Take It Too Seriously, Saint IGNUcius

This has been a short story and is not at all meant to be taken seriously, folks. Just let some knowledge and fun sink into your brain through osmosis. There really is no connection between vi and the beast.

But just in case you feel your soul needs cleansing, there’s always Saint IGNUcius.

Python Is The Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Yes, Guido van Rossum represents the linear yang vim-user in all of us, over say the yin emacs-users such as Paul Graham. But how could this be if Guido programmed Python in emacs as user… [which one of you informed me?]. So how can that be? Python is actually a yin language in yang clothing. That’s why such a soft, round, blue programming language is named Python. It is soft blue tool for doing sharp green things. It’s simply inexpressible so must be misrepresented to slip into your mind while your guard is down.

The red pill is blue inside… sorry, folks. You’ve been infected.

Show the nice people Robin Williams’ Throbbing Python of Love. Think Robin’s Green or Red? No! Robbin’s as blue as it gets. POOF what do you need? But gentle spirits must protect themselves with humor and attack.

The Yin & Yang Comedians of SNL / Yins Check Out

Want green? Look at Chevy Chase. Look at Dennis Miller. Look at Andrew Dice Clay. They’re so green they bleed sap.

Abba Di Abba Di.

Regarding T-Shirt Reveals & Poems

This is NOT my original poetry:

In brightest day, in blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!

This IS my original poetry:

A Tale of Two Tony’s

There was a Tony who taught me
Amiga was Unix most motley
The DCCU until Tony two
I’m group-thinking bad
But was not… see!

—Mike Levin, 2022

People who switch tools easily have the same quality as those folks who take up second and third languages (in later years) easily.

This is not as easy as such folks project. They probably don’t even know how others (like me) struggle with a 2nd language, much less a 3rd, 4th and 5th on-demand, and sometimes only just to stand still in the field, stay relevant and not go obsolete.

The vibe you’re born with by birth comes from 22 bundles of features, each bundle contributed by either your mother or your father.

This is where the “23” in the company name 23&Me comes from. Wait! That’s 23… not 22. The 23rd gene bundle, a.k.a. chromosome, is that XY thing that determines your hardware (sex). The prior 22 are mostly your traits you’re born with. That is not you. That is a suggested starting point, provided by… words fail. Refer to Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, Improbability Engine.

From somewhere around age 6 to let’s say 16 (a 10-year window), you go meta. Many creatures go meta. You know it by their ability to demonstrate symbolic thought. Monkeys knowing where bananas are from being shown in a model of a room. Monkeys too think, therefore they are. So what makes our 10-years of going meta different from monkeys? Nuance and subtlety. More meta. More ability to actualize real-world things… be creative and allow the fruits of that creativity to go through your digestive track and have the seeds pop out your butt with the fertilizer those seeds need to take root and grow.

Lunder (poo) Vand (wand)

This is NOT my original poetry:

Litany Against Fear from Dune

Litany Against Fear, found in the Dune SciFi series.

I will not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
I will face my fear.
I will let it pass through me.
When the fear has gone,
there shall be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Again, no matter what movies you’ve watched and how much you think you know Dune, you do not unless you read the books, all of them by Frank Herbert AND the ones by his son and ghost writer.

“Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.”

Green Lantern Movie was good because

There are other “essential” energies that can be tapped, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. And some are as two-edged as you may imagine, like Red.

This double-edgedness of red and how beings of power and passion are powerful but not necessarily evil is a recurring theme in literature. For example, Smaug the dragon in The Fellowship Of The Ring.

Another recurring theme you will find is that the acceptance of differeing sort of beings and an embracing of the diversity of life “as good” and a source of strength, versus hegemony and hegemonies and sameness as an opposing source of strength. As a Jew this has very special significance to me, and it’s only because of the diversity of the Allied forces and the “others” of the German population defecting that they prevailed so decisively over the Axis-powers who valued sameness, racial purity and a master race. Eff them. Thank you Turing and Einstein, first for winning quietly by breaking codes, and then again for winning with a big boom pronouned that it’s probably better to love and embrace the Jews of in your land instead of trying to exterminate them, because you never know what sort of plauge of mircacles my reign down upon your head.

Cats are Assholes

So of course in Science Fiction, there are lizard-based races that lack the emotional nuance and subtlety of colony mammals because colony mammals are born more vulnerable. SciFi doesn’t stop at lizards for the horrific alien contact stories. Both the Kzin of Larry Niven’s Known Space Ringworld comes to mind, as do the Maxolhx of Craig Alanson’s Expeditionary Force (Skippy & Joe Bishop) series.

Are All Reptiles Ambush Predators?

Turtles are evolved reptiles… trying out less ambushy strategies… trying more to be like mamals… But using the tactics of bugs. Calcium.

Life templates… can be tried out… through deliberate life processes… not just random mutation.

Epigenetics / Mind Over Matter Directs Evolution

The other Michael Levin… please watch.

Epigentics is a new science but is rapidly establishing how electrical blueprints can orchestrate life. This sounds a lot like thinking yourself into being a better being.

So What About Me Blowing Up On YouTube?

Criss-cross verification… is what you’re talking about TRUE? And as important as it seems? Provide evidence… Different ways and through different medias.

If pessimists were right, you wouldn’t be here to hear this video.

What Next?

Conclusion & Prescience

I shot my livecast for today. It was a good one. I’m very happy with it. It was my best video ever, in fact. Almost 2 hours. Doing these videos in the car is like athletes practicing on the top of mountains where the air is thin, then coming back down to the oxygen-rich air of sea-level. It’s the same as with all those years of walking the dog in New York City. No matter what turns of events in life steal the time from your day and the oxygen from your lungs, you can navigate the impossible route… become the worm.