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Let The Decrufting Begin!

Yesterday I made history by de-linking and taking off the main navigation from my website, MikeLev.in. I loaded Linux, Python, Vim, and Git markdown pages into Vim buffers, so I could refine the few pages still linked on the main nav. Additionally, I used blog categorization to control what went onto the Linux, Python, Vim, and Git pages. Check out my blog post to learn more about my journey and the changes I made!

I Decluttered My Website: Taking Off the Main Nav & Refining Pages with Vim Buffers

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Wow, yesterday was one for the history books. I can still drop journal-entries with no category and know it’ll just dump into the big master list of blog posts, which is no longer featured on MikeLev.in. I didn’t de-link it, but I did take it off the main nav and de-linked a lot of other stuff I’m beginning to realize is cruft. So many little touches! Maybe the most significant is that when I’m in my daily journal like this, I now have my Linux, Python, vim and git markdown pages loaded in vim buffers, so I am really encouraging myself to refine the few most important pages on the site that are still linked on main nav. Along with this change was a blanking of all my blog-post categorization thus far and using blog categorization to control what goes onto the Linux, Python, vim and git pages, which I will now highly curate. Much of this is in response to Google’s “Helpful Content” update. It’s the dawn of “Best Foot Forward” SEO and I’ve got to put my actions where my mouth is.