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Making a Fresh Start with Lifelong Future-proofed Journaling

Start your journey to a better future with lifelong, future-proofed journaling. Join me on a mindfulness exercise and learn how to create a digital home that will provide you with a free, life-long journal. Get started with the tools you have, or reset your laptop for a distraction-free rebuild.

Start Your Lifelong Journey with Future-Proofed Journaling!

By Michael Levin

Monday, July 31, 2023

    If you're thinking of starting
    fresh with something new that
    can't be rendered obsolete
    anytime soon, then this is it.
    It's an exercise in
    mindfulness and journaling,
    that addresses many of the
    problems surrounding effective
    journaling for life.
    We start on Windows but we can
    start on anything that can
    host Linux. This includes Mac,
    ChromeBooks or any modern
    You can start with what you've
    got, but I recommend a Factory
    Reset, software strip-down and
    distraction-free rebuild. 
    This sets the stage to
    auto-build your new nomadic
    digital home that will live on
    with you, providing a free
    life-long journal.