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Using RegEx in NeoVim to Format Markdown Quotes with 2 Trailing Spaces

Learn how to use RegEx in NeoVim to format Markdown quotes with 2 trailing spaces. I describe the process of using Vim commands to back up my journal and the paradigm of writing and editing text with vi/vim/NeoVim. I also discuss my journey with the Midjourney AI, including the Microsoft Store installation, the paid account link, and the documentation link.

My Journey with Midjourney AI: Starting Out with RegEx in NeoVim

By Michael Levin

Monday, May 8, 2023

Oopsie. If there’s more than one post in my journal awaiting keyword extraction and the headline and meta description writing, then it will wipe out the anything past the first (newest) one encountered when it decomposes and recomposes source. It effectively deletes the draft posts. It’s a good thing I anticipated problems along these lines and create an automatic backup of the original version of the journal in the _data folder every time I generate the site, so I can easily get it back. It’s just the vim command:

:badd _data/journal-prior.md # to add the file to the buffer list
:blast # to go to the last buffer
`Ctrl+f` # to page down a bunch of times
`Shift+v` # to select a bunch of lines
`yy` # to yank them
:bd # to delete the current buffer
:b1 # to go back to the first buffer
`Ctrl+f` to page down to where to insert it
`p` to paste

I don’t think a lot of people get it, but the whole paradigm of writing and editing text is different under vi/vim/NeoVim than it is under word processors or even other text editors. It’s a different way of thinking about text. All that stuff I described above, I almost just did without thinking. I had to stop and think about it to describe it and honestly just wanted to do some sort of Vulcan mind meld to transfer the knowledge.

What I copied and pasted is this text below about starting my journey with the Midjourney AI. I’m going to leave it here for now and not even fix this problem right away. It’s big enough to re-introduce a To-Do list to yamlchop/chop.py which I eliminated yesterday in favor of this poem in that particular real estate of the file:

I’m building better blogging
To replace a bygone era
Where your CMS is flogging
You to take up something clearer,
So you catalog your cat tails
In one file for the hashing
Using YAML for the data
And then Jekyll for the lashing.

Well, as much as I don’t like to rely on a Discord server for AI images, it’s shaping up to be a Midjourney image world, so it’s time to start my Midjourney journey. Already have an account from ages ago. Is it in the Microsoft Store? Yup, okay installed. But also it forced me to verify my IP from email and opened up a login in my browser. Guess it’s like Slack in that regard. Web UI or app, doesn’t matter. Step 1 done.

If I want to go the paid account route, there’s this account link

More documentation is here https://midjourney.gitbook.io/docs