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I Never Saw a Purple Unicorn And Never Hope to See One... Take and Reverse!

I'm a purple unicorn and I know it. In this post, I'm exploring how to use RegEx in NeoVim, while others focus on SEO and marketing. I'm experimenting with producing original content to see what the filters make of it, and learning how to don the disguise of the buttoned-up, non-emotional types to have a seat at the table. Join me on my journey of self-discovery!

I'm a Purple Unicorn: Exploring the Risks and Rewards of a Different Path.

By Michael Levin

Monday, May 8, 2023

Haha, I push out a post that first introduces my YAMLchop/chop system to the world and I label it how to use RegEx in NeoVim when I could have targeted some damn OpenAI spammy thing and get a lot more YouTube view, LOL! Just shows you how I miss the point and don’t care. This is for practice. In a lot of ways what I’m doing is for academic exercise. I need hands-on with just about everything I discuss in a professional job capacity.

Others can always focus on the rote and frankly mundane and not very interesting to me aspects of SEO and marketing. I’m a purple unicorn and I know it. But the world needs purple unicorns too. Problem being the product of such a unicorn is not going to be as popular as the economic product of the old workhorse. Well anyway it’s time to drop a few words about being a purple unicorn and why I believe GPT models like it will spot them and perchance reward them. I’m already playing the AI optimization long-game. Hehe, you know GPT didn’t write this.

Two roads diverge in the woods, and everything else being equal we paraphrase something Copilot can’t even figure out, haha! I’m having a good time seeing what’s statistically going to be written next and contradicting it. I sometimes encounter people whose main interpersonal authority asserting tactic is a similar kind of constant contradiction. That was my life at Scala, haha!

I knew a master of this passive aggressive tactic who got people into the habit of hearing whatever I said questioned. They were Pavlovian conditioning others in the company to automatically be suspicious of anything out of my mouth. I had to make the power of my unbreakable system and steady flow of sales-leads it generated speak for itself. Contradicting the truth of money was getting him in trouble, until finally I remember when I was getting ready to move onto my NYC opportunity and goodbyes were being said as a group, he started saying some such nonsense and then trailed off as if suddenly the emperor had no clothes. It took me being hired off by someone else to finally break him of the habit. Sad, but good life lessons.

Such lion-king wannabes are scared of purple unicorns will try to kill them on the vine, such as it were. Like how new the new king of a lion pride will kill the old one’s cubs to knock off potential competitors. The Sci-Fi book Ender’s Game comes to mind, but Ender had to kill his bully. Luckily, I was able to just moved to New York City where I was hired as a vice president in a kind of reverse sour-grapes. I really wanted it to work out for me there at Scala.

And so Github Copilot has completely given up on even proving autosuggest. Are my words really so unusual? Do so few others really have my patterns? And no, I’ve checked and I have not disabled it. Copilot is enabled. It just doesn’t have anything to say. This Rick is off the Central Finite Curve, which I always thought was some sort of centerline of the average distribution curve, but turns out to be something else, but I can’t break the habit of thinking the Rickest Rick is the one at the top of a bell-shaped curve where the inflection point occurs, because that is the only point where there is not a symmetrically opposite Rick. Only points on the centerline of something with bilateral symmetry don’t have a symmetrically opposite point, so they are more Rick. You can understand my confusion?

Yeah, Copilot does not have an easy time with me. I think this bodes well with this particular academic exercise I’m carrying out. Whereas my illustrious SEO counterparts are conducting spam-cannon experiments about how many thousands of remixed generative birdcall pages you can spin out with an OpenAI Wordpress plugin, I’m experimenting with producing a critical mass of undeniably original and non-AI-written content to see what the filters all make of it. I think only content like this of a deeply and personal and undeniably springing from the mind of the original human stands a long-term chance of surfacing through the coming and inevitable out of necessity AI super-filters. AI powers content. AI powers filters. Only the genuine articles will survive.

Yes, filters. The infinite spam cannon now calls for the infinite spam filter. And helping my employer write the infinite spam filter to content with the infinite spam cannon is shaping up to be one of my self-selected purple unicorn to-do items. Worsen the problem then sell them the antidote, hahaha! I will try my hardest to be on the morally correct side of this equation.

I sometimes see a Unicorn
That’s purple but don’t fear her.
From the time that I was born It stared out from the mirror.

Am I really that, or just being silly and self-indulgent? Well, I have in fact been told such and felt the attempts to knock me down a few pegs, but it always feels like little hatchets chipping away at my ankles… uncles… ankles. I often get the feeling that those who covet money and projecting a tight buttoned-up appearance of authority and “the patriarchy” dislike this sort of attitude and behavior pattern. They want to be lords.

They usually get into real estate, because it’s really the best path for those of little creativity to become rich. Land is one of the only indisputable things of value from which you can always extract money once you have it, the ultimate passive income source for the ultimate passive minds. A finite resource you can seize and extract money from others for access to it. If you want insight into the real estate mind, read Rob Ringer’s book, Winning Through Intimidation, one of the great unwitting gifts to me by my father. I don’t vibe like a landlord, but this book taught me about those who do.

Such personalities are always at risk. They lose the land, they lose everything they think is special and of value about themselves. They don’t invest internally in themselves. They would never learn a text editor like vim or emacs for example, the very idea being incomprehensible to them. They are not carpenters. They hire carpenters, and will proudly tell you so. I’ve learned to just continue enjoying my craft, going my direction while they go theirs.