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As I experience the impact of AI, I'm advocating for the use of 280 character tweets to spread ideas and leverage current tools for personal gain. This is a unique moment in history and I'm determined to make the most of it. Click through to find out how.

Maximizing Personal Advantage in the Age of AI: My Advocacy for 280 Character Tweets

By Michael Levin

Saturday, February 25, 2023

I get the feeling that the technically lazy are rejoicing at them not having to learn to code now thanks to AI. It feels like a leveling of the playing field between those who are forever able to earn as an infotech craftsperson and those who have to bullshit to live.

Ideas will still spread best in 280 character tweets if you want your message to me come memetic for viral spread. So if writing a book, why not do it with occasionally illustrated tweets? A python script can assemble it into a blog post.

They tiny-byte approach to spreading ideas particularly helps which building up your own momentum. Come on, how much work is one tweet? You’ve gotta capture ideas anyway, right? So it’s awesome for first drafts.

Stop and drink in your time and place in history

Learning a new tool or piece of software is the same as learning a new language. That tool or program provides a way that you interact with it, called an interface. That application program interface is often abbreviated to API. APIs are each their own language.

Even the way I am adapting my writing style into twitter’s preferred 280 character chunks is an example of adapting to an API. During the course of my writing of this Linux, Python, vim & git FOSS SEO ebook, you’ll see me stopping my TwitterBlue subscription.

If you ever feel Imposter Syndrome and ChatGPT’s really worries you, then you’re either just this side of an existential crisis, or you’re already in one. Listen to the: how amplified to you think the abilities are of those who can read the programming code such services provide.

The outcry that crafting newer and better linguistic prompts for AI is the new skill and that naturally spoken English (or whatever) is the new programming language dodges the fact that for humans for the foreseeable future manage the integration of such code.

If you thought copy/paste from StackOverflow after a Google search imparted much power, just imagine what it’s like now. Oh yeah, you’re not imagining. You’re enjoying the benefit right now today. If you’re not, maybe it’s time to get programming literate.

Society had always become stratified between the can’s and the cannot’s based on kooky qualifications like inheritance or paying for a piece of paper to hang on your wall. Craftspeople always had an advantage because they could always trade their craft for other things of economic value.

Because nobody knows what the future will bring (even the super-wealthy & fortified), the field is leveled. Be sufficiently clever today and in subsequent days, and be the author of your own future. We’re now firmly on one of our own #SciFi stories.

Cleverly utilizing todays common tools to maximum long-term personal advantage is the personal mission I propose to you today.