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Moved 1-long-page version of journal.md to `_drafts`

I have moved the 1-long-page version of my journal.md file to the `_drafts` folder, allowing me to keep posts unpublished without giving them a yaml title. This is a great way to keep posts out of Github publishing space, while still allowing them to be sliced & diced.

With this change, I can keep posts unpublished without giving them a yaml title.

By Michael Levin

Saturday, April 29, 2023

We chip away at things. However, that’s assuming we’re not backsliding and losing progress, in which case you don’t necessarily have the luxury of sculpting, and have to look at other tactics. Sometimes, you take sweeping 80/20-rule passes at a thing.

I’ve worked hard to make sure there was something that couldn’t be taken away from me. And it’s a cross-cutting skill. What doesn’t involve data? Now I just need to get down my ways of… what? I want to relate it to work more. If I took the 1-long-page version of this journal.md out of Github publishing space, into say draft space, then I could leave posts unpublished here merely by not giving them a yaml title.

The system automatically knows where to look for other things relative to the location of the file that’s sent on the macro. No problem! I can just make the new location in _drafts conventional. Do that… Okay, done. This is one of those cases where a program location referred to by my all program is changed, and that’s tricky because when I switch marines, I want to pull the vim repo and put the new all program in location before running it.

I just have to remember that I changed something in all and that’s a flag for me when switching machines. Let me do that right now for practice…

Okay there, done. Trickier than I thought. A few constants had to be updated, namely PATH. But a full publish just occurred after switching machines. Things are settling into place. I’ve can hardly remember making so much progress in so little time. The latest work lets me write posts like this and just keep them unpublished entirely, because previously even before you gave a post a title allowing it to be sliced & diced, it was still published in its nearly unusable long-page version. Nearly unusable because of all the YouTube embeds. Aside from those, really long pages can load pretty well into browsers, but are still not a great idea being such an edge case as they are.

Okay so now journal.md’s optionally belong in the Jekyll system’s _drafts folder, where it belongs, I guess. Okay, use these folders for what they’re intended.

This is really quite enough to cut the post.