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I've been on YouTube since 2006, and now I'm embracing free and open source software. I'm encouraging people to escape Windows, Mac and proprietary software, and to write a daily journal in vim. I'm talking more to myself and sharing some of my personal and proprietary information, but with a positive spin. I'm taking advice from Rafiki and learning from the past to improve my future. Join me on this journey and discover how to make the most of free and open source software.

Embracing Free and Open Source Software: Join Me on This Journey of Sub-Linux and Sub-Love!

By Michael Levin

Friday, August 26, 2022

Back on June 30th, 2006 when I was twenty-six years old, I joined YouTube and made this:

The first ever YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. So I was on the YouTube platform just over a year after their first video upload, and have been more or less on it ever since. So yeah, I’ve been around the block a few times and see the trends before they’re big pretty consistently. I just don’t go all-in because… well, 2 roads diverged in the woods and in the end, I do what I enjoy without pandering to the path others covet.

Today, I’m jumping on the Linux-via-Windows bandwagon. I’ve had a difficult time figuring out what to call Linux under Windows, but it finally struck me. It’s sublinux. I’m always quite a bit ahead of the trends. I’ll do it again. And so it’s time to do my schtick again, but this time it’s for myself and this time I think my mission and purpose is quite a bit more worthwhile. I just might go all-in helping people escape Windows, Mac and proprietary software in general, jumping on the free and open source software movement (FOSS), the first thing since the Amiga computer that’s love-worthy. And I’m coming to realize that the Amiga wasn’t all that because of unwise-love for hardware/graphics and proprietary. FOSS is far more love-worthy than the Amiga ever was, and it perturbs a little piece of my soul to say so. Atari hardware engineers were just the best (tear to my eye).

Okay, so enough living in the past. Nobody cares about the past. The road to happiness is living in the moment and caring deeply about something with a care and love that is not misplaced. Ah, misplaced love ‘tis the story of my life.

Beware falling in love with the wrong things. Beware infatuation and soul-swallowing love being interpreted by your higher-function brain as real love. Your higher function brain should realize that real love is 2-way. If the platform (or whatever) is only getting something out of you after the initial infatuation fades, than you’re being taken advantage of by the vendor (or whatever), and you don’t owe them anything for that “first dose free” love-bombing they laid down on you with their smooth scrolling bitplane graphics, that were destined to go obsolete for lack of ability or willingness to grow. Is it so much to implement retargetable graphics, or install the layers that provide some flexibility over time.

This is my daily writing.

This is my thought-processing.

I talk a lot about a daily journal in vim so you can get in your vim practice without having to worry about coding. This is it.

Well, we technically are coding. We are encoding our thoughts. We’re doing it light and easy, breezy, with the occasional asterisk for markdown formatting. No HTML. We get in the flow here in vim. No time to slow down for editing. That’s exactly my my reticence to edit video. Life’s too short to edit video. I’m living life for me and editing is for others.

What’s that you say? There are others out there following along who care?

Oh, hello Calvin Irby. Your comments are the best and fuel my motivation. BASH on my friend.

Zoranoa01, keep the comments coming and I’ll keep making videos just for you. I wish I could reach everyone while they’re going through the learning-phase you’re at.

antikoerper256 I’m glad I lit that spark. Let’s fan the flame.

Jens-Ole Frimann always glad to hear from you. I think vim was actually written in 1987 originally, so it may have a year on you. I know you’re younger than vi.

DesktopChronicles I always appreciate your feedback and perspective. Nice to have folks around who go back to my Levinux days circa 2013, which although 7 years ago is still only my half-way point here on YouTube. Chronicle away!

Limitless 1… you’re welcome.

Scott M A Bell Labs Research veteran amongst my viewers? I am darn honored. I hope I contribute something of value to someone who’s lived on the true mothership. When you talk, I listen.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. I’ve switched from listening primarily to search hits on the website (now not provided), vomiting content onto the web to pander to visitors teaching others how to do the same, to talking instead primarily for myself on the YouTubes, to realizing there’s real human beings out there and the communication feedback loops are wonderfully better than they were back in those early days, so Maslow hierarchy of needs stuff possible.

You are my developing to be my community, and it’s time I embraced it.

I’ll still be myself, vomiting up content onto the web, because that’s a big part of who I am. I journal in vim, and so long as the information is not excessively proprietary or personal, I figure hey, why not? A little proprietary and a little personal is okay I think, because hey, there’s got to be something you get out of it, right? Why whitewash everything?

So, maybe a little bit of SERP-scraping techniques here, and a little bit of life learnings resulting from the hurt of betrayal there. But always with a positive spin! We live in the present, not the past. We learn from the past to improve our future. Rafiki is perhaps one of the most important Disney characters to ever appear, and I’ve been taking his advice to heart a lot lately.

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