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Getting the MyKoz.AI Blog Publishing System Into Better Shape

This is a discussion of my improvements to the blog publishing system built into MyKoz.AI to make it easier for new users. I'm doing life-hacks to stay focused and build new productive habits.

I'm refining MyKoz.AI Blog Publishing System for Prime-Time

By Michael Levin

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Okay, I just changed my YAMLChop repo on Github to private. It’s amazing the hoops Github puts you through to do that. There most have been tons of complaints about people who lost their Github Stars from doing that because it actually made me type the number of stars YAMLChop had before turning it to private. I lost lots of stars on Levinux that way in the past, haha! Anyhow, that capability is now under the _code folder of the journal repo that’s now a standard part of MyKoz.AI. It’s better there.

Okay, think! Keep tension in the machinery. Just keep writing and just keep going. Get an amazing amount done each day until the momentum takes on a life of its own and you always simply know what to do next and why. I need to get the chop.py loaded into my vim buffers for regular editing.

Ah, I see where I went wrong last time. The current all program I use, which is a modification of the vimit file under MyKoz.AI has the post-editing copy-command reversed. Okay, so I need to exit this and let it do that copy, then edit the all program in its ~/pyenv/bin location and then copy it into my _code folder in my journal repo. Then I run all again and any edits to it should be permanent. Go!

Okay, that’s done. Now make an edit to all and chop.py and see if they stick. This is important for a sort of real-time flexible feedback loop that I want my system to have. Refine, flex and evolve it while I use it.

Okay, let’s update the Figlet function in the chop.py program to support other than its default font. Take the function from all. Okay, now look at how all uses a smaller ASCII art headline size…

Okay that worked. But I have to “bring up” all the text above the fold so that people don’t know how to use vim navigation commands after they release a site. That’s too much to ask for people doing this for the first time. So get away from my Figlet fixation. Maybe just edit the figlet function!

No, that wasn’t enough. To get this blog release system ready for prime-time given the folks who are going to be trying to use this, I have to eliminate as much vertical scrolling as I can. The figlet function is almost no longer invoked, except for errors. I added one opening Figlet “banner” so that there’s some nice visual branding. It’s “Chopping…”. That’s all the user needs to see in Figlet. The rest is put in ASCII bullet-point style now.

Alright, I really love how improving chop.py on my actual published blog improves it for the MyKoz.AI project as well. This takes care of one of the pain points that would be encountered as I roll this out to the world.

Okay, think out the next and the next and the next steps. Analyze the pain points. Do the imaginary soft-launches of MyKoz.AI in your head.

Now that it has WebDev built in from yesterday’s work, I really have to adjust the overall pitch.

There will always be a distraction. You need a distraction reaction that takes the power away from whatever it is that derails you. You can’t necessarily do it in one pass. It’s going to take systematic and progressive habit-building. However, the first steps are easy; small concessions, really.

One of the things I’m trying to do is to make doom-scrolling a Pavlovian condition for switching here to vim journaling. Be aware of the energy time-sinks that set you back with an effect like the reverse of compounding interest. Those are the worst because they steal time that could be working for you with the analogous effect of compounding interest, but in whatever way you choose. Internal skills, in my case. A lot of people go with the financial savings here, but all that can be taken away from you. What’s inside of you can’t. Or at least it’s a lot harder to.

Okay, all my refinements have been without blog posts needing the OpenAI involvement (re-publishing already published stuff). Let’s see how it looks on this blog post as I let OpenAI create the subhead, description and keywords.