Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.

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I'm excited to be working in tech again after the early 90s, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work for Moz. I'm helping people with their existential crisis in this tech-filled world by using Jupyter Notebooks to copy/paste code from AIs and debug. I'm also showing people how to run a Linux VM cheaply, cleanly, and locally. Join me on this journey of tech exploration and discover how to use the latest tools and techniques.

Exploring the Latest Tech Tools with Moz: An Opportunity of a Lifetime!

By Michael Levin

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Okay, so it’s kind of like an opportunity of a lifetime working for Moz. But of course, I felt that way about Commodore, back in 1991 and such when I was beamed up to the mothership, the makers of the beloved Amiga computer! Not since the early 90s have I really loved tech like the way I finally do again today, thanks mostly to Linux, Python, vim & git, and with a sprinkling of Jupyter and the general web stack. And today, we have AI. I mean isn’t this really interesting, thrilling and exciting these times we live in.

Let me help walk a certain portion of you through whatever existential crisis these times may induce. Imposter syndrome, and variations thereof… have you felt it? Do you feel it often? How do you feel now knowing that a machine’s going to be better at you at almost whatever you do in some number of years? Ha yeah, the youngun’s just being born now won’t know any other world, but we have the privilege of being here with front row seats… wow! And it’s landing right in the middle of my chosen field here, SEO, after some 20 years of not much.

Things change, and this will be one of them. I’ve been through a few, and maybe nothing this big, but I am going to be able to talk about re-platforming. You’re not going away. But the tools and the nature of the job are going to change. A whole lot of optimizing’s going on. But what to do today? Let’s talk powerful safe-havens. Let’s talk not-so-bad Plan B’s. Get good at something that, while it may look at first too far outside your comfort-zone, the value of which is revealed by the very announcement of GPT-4 two days ago.

If there’s one take-away from the GPT-4 announcement, it’s that you’re going to be using Jupyter Notebooks. And you’re going to be copy/pasting code from AIs into Notebooks, and then of course use those AIs to help you debug the code.

Or are you?

Follow me right here, right now, today and I’m going to show you the one true best way to run JuptyerLab so that everything else about your future-proofing starts falling into place little by little. Before long, you’ll have full-featured alternative ways of working with computers, from learning with an AI to implementing on genuine generic headless timeless Linux.

Why? Because that’s where and how everything runs if you don’t want scaling or licensing problems. Linux builds everything from supercomputers to smart trashcans. If it’s got a general purpose computer built-in, it’s running Linux, or some variation thereof. If you learn on Linux where the action’s at, you’ll be perfectly comfortable if you end up on Unix in one of those edge cases. Where your code has no future is if it’s running on expensive or proprietary systems, and that often means cloud services from cloud providers.

I show you how to run a Linux VM, cheaply, cleanly and locally. It’ll be the magic window behind JuptyerLab running for all intents and purposes in your native OS’s browser, be it Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox or whatever. It’s browser agnostic, so long as it’s standard and modern.

Linux, Python, vim & git… and honorary Jupyter, because JupyterLab back-ended by genuine Linux running a lot like a server would is your secret weapon. We’ll do stuff there with that server besides hosting Jupyter. We’ll do a bunch of cool SEO stuff there, and we’ll avoid full-web-stack-itis.

Gotta make a personal video that I can point to and say: “See, like this. But for Moz.” It’s my practice-runs, such as it were, and the result is a polished Pipulate that I can use for all the other responsibilities I’ll have.