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wsl --install Rocks Your World with Linux (Learn Linux Fast!)

Discover how to install and learn Linux in under 10 minutes with the 'wsl --install' command on Windows 11. I will teach you how to use a full-screen Linux terminal to run the vim text editor and keep a daily journal. Learn the basic commands and gain access to hundreds of thousands of free and open source software packages. Get an introduction to Ikigai, a script for a video to promote the command, and ways to promote the command on social media.

Learn Linux in Under 10 Minutes with the 'wsl --install' Command on Windows 11!

By Michael Levin

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Install Linux in 6 Minutes on Windows 11, Teach Yourself Linux!

Can you teach yourself Linux? Can you learn Linux fast? Yes, if you’re on Windows 11, you can now install and start learning Linux in under 10 minutes! And really if that’s all you want, start this video at 3:16 and only watch to 9:08. That’s 6 minutes from opening a Powershell in Windows to having Ubuntu 20.04 installed, and that’s with plenty of talk and instruction. Those six-minutes will change your life.

If That’s What 6-minutes Can Do, Imagine The Whole Video!

If you only get 10-minutes into this video, your life will be on a new path. Incorporate full-screen Linux Terminal into your everyday life. The single most important thing after getting Linux onto your machine with the “wsl –install” command is to start practicing the eternal vim text editor. Microsoft doesn’t want you on it. They especially don’t want you using git to manage your text-files. No indeed, they developed VSCode and bought Github for the express purpose of keeping you from following that route.

Get to vim FAST, Keep a Daily Journal to Practice

I will teach you that route. I will help you use a full-screen Linux terminal to run the vim text editor to keep a daily journal.

This is my second biggest gift to you, using the need to learn vim as an excuse to start keeping a textfile-based daily journal, thereby giving you the perfect place to practice your vim-skills before even taking up a programming language!

FACT: Unix & Linux Won. It Is Modern Literacy.

Unix and Linux won. Apple knew it in 2007 when they switched Mac OS9 to Unix-based OS X. Fifteen years later and Microsoft is finally following suit, but with Linux instead of Unix, and Ubuntu in particular, meaning Windows users now have access to hundreds of thousands of free and open source software packages a mere “apt install” away. Get to learn Linux Terminal and learn vendor-independent generic technology—indeed, *nix capability is literacy in the modern world.

Chase The Rabbit

Linux not as intimidating as you think. Chase the rabbit into Wonderland or accompany Dorothy into Oz. Get used to your main user interface to the computer being a beautiful full-screen text terminal. Learn the basic commands in a Unix/Linux crash course, promote yourself to superuser and learn how you might destroy the system with such elevated privileges, but don’t (there’s Levinux for that). Lose your fear and own your future.

Install & Teach Yourself Linux In Minutes

Windows 11 lets you easily install Ubuntu Linux on your Windows system, proving the best way for beginners to teach themselves Linux or to learn Linux fast. But don’t think Linux has much to do with desktops. While WSL does support graphics apps coming up just like Windows apps, the real value is in the text-based interface known as the Terminal or Shell.

You Already Have a Graphical Desktop

Linux is not a graphical desktop. All graphical desktops are the same. Windows, Mac, GNOME, KDE, xcfe, it doesn’t matter. It says almost nothing about the underlying operating system, the part that’s really important. That’s why learning Linux is about those text-based type-in windows and not point-and-click. Microsoft’s approach ditches the idea of adding the Ubuntu, Mint or other popular desktops. Graphical desktops prevent you from becoming technologically literate.

Technological Literacy Is About Terminals

Supporting genuine Linux terminals is a step Microsoft had to take for Windows to continue being taken seriously as a development platform, but it now gives a way to break free if Microsoft dependency. Future proof yourself by learning the terminal interface. Ironically, it never terminates. Make yourself resistant to obsolescence and immune to disruption by knowing what won over both Apple and Microsoft and is considered mandatory for developers (*nix availability).

Desktop User Interfaces Come & Go and Do You Harm

Particular graphical desktops will come and go over the years. They are tied to particular platforms like desktop and mobile. They are tied to fashion and style. They are the grounds for fighting for your attention through notification distractions, news, alerts, noisy icons, desktop clutter and… well, I could never stop. Desktop UIs are just the enemy of productivity and the development of good long-term internalized habits.

Become Forever Faster, Develop Muscle Memory, Stay In The Flow

Your habits, skills, muscle memory and general expertise will go with it (remember when Microsoft Office switched to the “Ribbons” interface). Think what an interruption to your flow-state it is when you stop typing to move your hand to the mouse. Worse yet, if you don’t know exactly where that feature moved to, the hunt. This makes you behave a lower skill-level, proficiency-level and indeed intelligence-level than is the reality and which you deserve. Microsoft and Apple are actually doing you harm. And so learning Linux has nothing to do with a graphical desktop. Not GNOME. Not KDE. Not xcfe.

Flocked to VSCode

Microsoft does everything they can to keep you in the flock. Mostly, they want to flock you with VSCode.

It’s Mike Levin on Thursday June 9, 2022 and I usually don’t script these things, but this is a very special video, perhaps the most important one I’ve made in my life and I want to get it right.

It’s Never Too Late (& The Past Matters)

This is Rafiki, perhaps the most important character to ever appear in a Disney movie. Rafkiki knows that the past matters. Rafiki knows that if you made mistakes in the past, they are real… and that it is never too late to set things straight. We all get a chance at redemption.

Apple Switched to Unix in 2007

In 2007, Apple switched their proprietary OS9 operating system to Unix. It was an invisible switch from a user perspective, but it is credited with saving the Mac line. That was a decade and a half ago when Apple was in dire straights against the rising tide of commodity Windows PCs.

Michael Dell told Apple to close shop and return money to shareholders.

Fast-forward 15 years. Apple was brilliant. They did the right thing. They knew it and stuck to their guns. Today, Windows has not switched over to Linux, but they have made it historically easy with the “wsl –install” command that I’m going to show you today.

Ivory Tower Linux Vs. Linux Groundswell (GPL2)

Wheras Apple sided with “Unix” (the pure ivory-tower *nix), Microsoft sided with “Linux”, the bad boy of *nix, albeit a good canonical choice (more on geek jokes later).

Windows 11 Gets The Linux Install Right

It’s far easier to get on Linux today on Windows 11 than on Windows 10, and it is in fact now as critical to the survival of the Windows platform as Apple’s move to Unix was fifteen years ago–because no platform has credibility if it does not make available the generic *nix tools to developers. Microsoft jumps on this bandwagon not because they want to, but because they have to.

It’s not too late for Microsoft.

It’s not too late for you.

Microsoft is giving you the greatest tool ever… to free you from them! To make sure it doesn’t actually free you, they hired the creator of Python, bought Github and created VSCode.

Then they turn around and give you all the new lingua franca of tech: Linux, Python, vim & git…

Get Your Butt to vim

…except for vim.

They want you on VSCode.

You can depend on it.

I will teach you how to get to vim, right now in this video. :q!

This will make all the difference

I promise.

There is much to know, but what I’m showing you here in this video are the most important bits.

They will make you free.

I’m Advocating Today’s True Basic Literacy

Without *nix know-how, you are illiterate in the technology world. You may not think so with whatever crop of power-tools you’re on, but they will let you down. As platforms change, as fads change, as hot skills change, only *nix will remain.

It will make you fear.

You must not fear.
Fear is the mind killer
Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration
I will face my fear
I will allow it to pass over me and through me
And when it is gone, I will turn the inner eye to see its path
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing
Only the Linux terminal will remain

Future-Proofed & Timeless (Welcome to OZ)

I propose to teach you this world… to bring you to Oz… to help you chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole and master Wonderland.

To give you forever-skills

It will someday be a part of our decendents’ DNA.

Make it part of yours today.

How To Pronounce Ikigai

It is the fourth circle of my Ikiagi…

How to pronounce it (thank you, Kamil Havlicek (am I pronouncing that correct?)).

This Should Be Million View Video #3

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Script For The Video

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