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RIP Bram Moolenaar, creator of vim. I Write this in vim (NeoVim)

Today I refined MyKoz.AI, a foray into Linux, Python, vim & git for the uninitiated. I learned that Bram Moolenaar, the creator of vim, passed away. I'm Twitch streaming the creation of this endeavor, breaking it down into interesting topics like hosting or headless CMS. I'm working on the readme outputting, the Introduction repository, and the NeoVim path. I'm trying use the 80/20-Rule.

A Reflection on MyKoz.AI, Linux, Python, vim & git, and Bram Moolenaar

By Michael Levin

Monday, August 7, 2023

Today I refined MyKoz.AI, a foray into Linux, Python, vim & git for the uninitiated wanting a bit of old-school power. Today I learned that Bram Moolenaar, the creator of vim died on August 34d at the age of 62. I can hardly write this without choking up. I write this in NeoVim and not vim, but that’s only because Copilot needs the NeoVim API. Otherwise vim and NeoVim are nearly identical, NeoVim being a fork of vim.

Today is going to be an epic day for me. It’s still just around 7:00 AM and if I bear down, I can get all this done. I can start to Twitch stream the creation of this endeavor from what amounts to “from scratch”. I can break each part down into an interesting topic, like hosting or headless CMS. There’s so many ways I could spin this, and I think the important thing will be to tell the overarching story.

Continue with most of your thought-work and shaping of MyKoz.AI occurring here on the MikeLev.in site. Get the installer working with the new (and rebased) repos I ideated yesterday:

You HAVE TO know what to do next and why. Windows 11 works against you a bit, removing that “fixed location” feeling of Windows 10. I’ve stopped always having Jupyter on Screen 2, but I now have a browser there. That means screen 1, 2 and 3 are not fixed in my mind anymore. Just 1 and 2 are.

Okay, the new mental model is 3 virtual screens. We nix the total of 7 that I usually have open down to 3 and leave the option open to pop back open our 7 comfortable screens. I’m comfortable with 7 but 7 is not necessary out of the starting gate. 3 are. And in this case, it’s Journals, Browser and MyKoz.AI installer, loaded into vim (really, NeoVim but I’m going to say vim today because of Bram).

Another thing I’m doing is no longer leaving icons out on the desktop. That’s just clutter and excessively predisposing. I’ll load what I load and don’t need keyboard shortcuts to get to it. This is a place where you just have to bite the bullet and learn each OS’s mouse-free way of launching software. On Windows, it’s one tap on the Windows key and then starting to type the software’s name such as Terminal and then hitting Enter. Get into that habit. It’s more keystrokes, but you’ll never have to “settle into” new hardware with the leaving icons on the desktop step. And it looks more striking and unique for the videos.

As part of the minimalism approach, I also close as many tabs I can in the browser. If the last tab is not relevant to what I’m doing, I open a new “blank” tab and close the irrelevant one. So journal in screen 1 and blank browser on screen 2 and Terminal on screen 3 with the installer loaded.

Alright, I’m cleaning up the MyKoz repo a bit, catching and changing any remaining references from drinkme to mykoz. Also got the 2 instances on MikeLev.in, the homepage and the /mykoz/ page.

Don’t get distracted! I started to get distracted over NUMA Nvidia GPU support. But put that to the side for now. The issues might be complex under WSL2. Go for minimum viable product by the end of today. Make something that will knock peoples’ socks off according to the 80/20-Rule, but nothing deeper. Up-front honesty: this won’t have native GPU-support for machine learning model training in its initial current form. But that’s okay. You can use it to orchestrate the learnings with the work offloaded to more capable hardware.

Get the readme outputting! Also work on the Introduction repository. Have the readme direct the person directly into the Intro repository.